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Welcome to my first attempt with webmaking. In here you will find lots of fun things ... funnies ( pic's & letters ) places you can play online. Friends I know, and an area all to my favorite pet online ... icepet ( the eggy ). icepet can be found on irc server -> : port 6667 in channel #happy_hour . don't forget to say hello :)

Disclaimer: This website recognizes the right of free speech, but has no interest in showing adult pic's of any type.

Places you can visit from here

The world acording to icepet
My pet bot's home page ( chat, channel, rules )
The big DC-trip
The irc get together is going down soon (check it out)
The Sillyside
A bi-daily funny page (WARNING: Adult humor can be found here sometimes)
The Silly Kitchen
Chicken is all the rave :) (recipes welcomed)
The Answering machine
leave a message for my eyes only

George Sillyice { the guy with the funny line}
looking for me online ?? try paging me at :
I will return all pages as soon as I can